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1ST PRIZE « Ginos restautants » Private ideas competition between eight teams. In collaboration with Ilmio Design.

3RD PRIZE « Enveros domesticos » Sustainable housing in Cantabria. Ideas competition.

1ST PRIZE « Light umbrella » Concurso Viva-Hacemos ciudad. International ideas competition of vanguard social housing.

MENTION « RS04. Residencia singular » International competition of typologies of vanguard social housing.

FINALIST « La pirueta del origami » J05 Almeria. Competition for young people about social housing.










« Cismef 09 » Participation in the international fair in Guanzhou [China].

 « Crudo 100% » Participation in the exhibition of 100 models in process of difference known Spanish´s architect offices. 

« Concurso Viva » Participation in the exhibition of Concurso Viva´s winners with Paraguas luminoso project.

« Piscina Municipal »  Individual participation with Sonorama/ Sonosfera audio installation.










Avproyectos 017 march 2007 with Paraguas luminoso.                                

Domestic landscape: Vol 1: City cultives. Edit by Sepes 2009 with Paraguas luminoso.

Catalog of the exhibition « Concurso Viva- Hacemos ciudad » Abril 2007 with Paraguas luminoso.                             

Arqscoal nº3 architectural magazine with Duo house.                  

Catalog of the exhibition "Piscina Municipal" with Sonorama/Sonosfera.









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