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Cámara Mágica 07



Location : Ifema, Madrid. [Spain]      Type : Exhibition design/ ephemeral       Client : Arts Exclusive S.L.      


Cámara Mágica 07  is a temporary space for a temporal VIP area at ARCO 2007 in Madrid. 


“The light comes from a small hole made in a dark space closed in all its sides. In the opposite wall to the hole, it will be formed the inverted image of what is found in front” 


Aristhoteles, (over de dark cammera called magic room in the middle ages)


Five identical light boxes are placed inside of a camera obscura. Over the dark ceiling or on the boxes base, almost like a random game, they are seen as a sequence of images related with the ARCO fair.The view from the room allow visitors to have a different perspective of the exhibition.





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