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Location : Salamanca  [Spain]      Type : architecture I housing     Client : Capricho Corazón Ibérico      


 Casa Duo




Duo houses are two semi-detached houses, located in a residential area and designed for sale.

The orientation is the thread that set the heading of the map:

-Duo 1 is the ground home, with large areas of contact with the ground on which it rests

- Duo 2, is the light house, weightless, separated from the ground seems almost to float …

The result is a single volume that growns on itself, where a massive continuous white link , will clearly upward and floats over a body of lightweight wood.

The interior is a very fluid space, the staircase is understood as an articulating axis and plays a principal role in its organization.

A serial of high intensity space appears: the warehouse-linking-with-the-garden, the-studio-that-breathes-looking-at-the-salon, the-shower -opened-to-the sky, the-room-watching-as-a-big-eye-to-the-landscape, the-dressing-voyeaur …

It has been adapted passive actions against meteorological requeriments. For this purposes, the resultant volume is fored to the prevailing wind, encouraging crossed ventilations through opening in walls and ceilings. It appears sunscreens and bars, as sun protections



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