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Enveros domésticos





Location : Valderrible valley  [Spain]    Type : architecture I competition I sustainable social housing     Organizator : Coacan      

This project is the result of a design competition that proposed the research on sustainable housing in rural areas of Cantabria (northern Spain ) .

The solution adapted is introduced itself as one more farming in the landscape and  it is in clear connection with the existing agrarian activity  as "a nature´s humanization"

The "new landscape" is seeded on demand or need with two new crops :

- Punctual cultivations, similar to the colonization of cereal bales during the harvest season and traduced into different unifamiliar houses with its own garden and parking  spot

.- Lineal cultivations of remarkable directionality similar to the forage crops and traduced into linear blocks of houses with communal gardens and  common parkings.


These crops may exist independently or form and join “ new plantations”. A synthesis of the landscape is being searched.

The complex tapestry of agriculture will become a little more dense now….

The housing, as well as the landscape, are sensitive to the cycles of nature, varying its operation with the seasons.

The wood stored for winter, disappears in the summer, exposing the north façade while the south facade, transparent during winter, is full of  leaves and flowers in spring time, refreshing the living space.



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