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 Nicho Picchu



Location : Machu Picchu [Peru]      Type : architecture I international ideas competition I lmountain refuge hotel        In collaboration with Marion Michaut


The object of the ideas competition was to design  a bioclimatic refuge hotel with 25 rooms, restaurant, panoramic viewpoint and cable access in front of the Machu Picchu archaeological site, Unesco Patrimony.


" Build in front of the Inca shrine of Machu Picchu is not usual.... In this ideas competition we let fly the imagination…

The project it´s an architectural landscape, a camouflage, searching to absorb and to enhance all the natural energy forces of the context : ectonic, climatological, cultural forces ....We use Incas references (the sun and the stars (deities), the stone, terraces (different levels of the cosmos), the water matrix of all existence ....)

The project forms a complex almost troglodyte, a cave using the sun as the main energy and water as a transport medium (wet decks are proposed for storage and room units will be those who provide the necessary energy). We project a refuge sustainable zero-energy and totally autonomous.

Three room typologies are proposed :

-Sun rooms : more numerous and located at lower levels of the actuation. It has a maximum front exposure which takes the sun captured by panels and protect with a movible bower. With views to the shrine. 

-Moon rooms: less numerous and located at higher levels.Safeguarded through the thermal inertia of the mountain.Its facade is the celestial vault. Ideal for anchorites.

-Eclipse room: at intermediate levels. It has a front facade with an intermediate exposure, sun protected through a filter to trap plants and a window to the sky that allows cross ventilation. "





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