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RS04: Residencia singular  




Location : Open      Type : architecture I competition I housing     Organizator : Epsa       In collaboration with Javier Tamer Elshiek and Marion Michaut


The “ inhabitant” is that one that creates “habitats”, defined as places to live long “habits”

Studying the "habits" over 24 hours of a regular familiar type….The translation of this chronotopo (time-habits) in experiential units (server-served) setup the house, being extensible this process to any other user with more specific or complex patterns.

Inside, a container-closet organized space areas and links them with attributes and materials adapted to the habits that take place on it. 

The housing operation is not only longitudinal ( circulation ) but also cross, allowing an amazing game of perceptions, exchanges and dissolving the boundaries between the different levels in a way of "open family playground"

This continuity in all directions of space obtaine its culmination in the group of units, forming clusters of flexible containers that allow to introduce programs variables in space and time

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       (From the memory´s competition)


This project was in response to a design competition that asked about ways of living that can generate unique dwelling and its possible groupings 



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